Audi LED Headlight Technology

Audi headlight designs are iconic in the automotive world, and at the core of what makes them so aesthetically pleasing and capable is a LED as small as one square millimeter. Each model’s unique daytime running lights (DRL) are made up of numerous individual LEDs formed into bold features which improve visibility while being unmistakably Audi. Models with full LED headlights help improve perceived contrast and reduce eye strain by emitting light similar in temperature to daylight at 5,500 kelvin.

What Are Audi Matrix-Design LED Headlights?

In addition to standard LED headlights, Audi Matrix-design LED headlights are available on some models to add dynamic animated sequences. This headlight option helps you see and be seen on the road.

Audi LED Taillights

With activation up to ten times quicker than conventional bulbs, bright LED tail lights allow trailing drivers to react earlier. Animation features are available on select models to improve visibility and enhance your vehicle’s iconic Audi design.

Audi rear LED tailights

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