Exclusive for e-tron®:  Renewable energy

Go electric with e-tron® This is an exclusive offer for e-tron® customers. Claim it while you visit the dealership. Contact your dealer for more information.

The Arcadia subscription is available to eligible new e-tron SUV and e-tron Sportback purchasers during the program period.

Help accelerate the renewable energy transition with your e-tron®

Arcadia is a technology company that lets you power your home and your electric vehicle with renewable energy from wind and solar farms. While your utility provider remains the same, Arcadia will match your monthly energy usage with renewable energy, at no cost to you. There are no changes to your utility service.

Audi is teaming up with Arcadia to help new e-tron® owners power their homes and electric vehicles while supporting renewable energy. Get up to five years of Arcadia membership and $750 toward your power bills when you buy a new e-tron®.1
1 To claim the credit, you must pay your electric bills through Arcadia. Arcadia will pay your utility provider directly. The $750 credit is automatically applied when you begin your membership and is debited each time you receive a utility bill.